Saturday, 2 August 2014

Exciting New Kickstarter Campaign for Progressive Guitarist Scott McGill, Bassist Percy Jones, and Drummer Ritchie DeCarlo!

Hi Everyone,
Well-respected Progressive Guitarist Scott McGill has an excellent new release coming out with Ritchie DeCarlo and Legendary Bassist Percy Jones of Brand X/Phil Collins Brian Eno fame. There is a Kickstarter going strong to fund this amazing release. Have a look and jump on board--some really great stuff for those who support this. Be a part of something special and thanks--let's make it a reality together!!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hello Everyone,

I have just completed work on an upcoming Jones McGill DeCarlo disc as well as a new Freakzoid disc and some work on a future solo disc. More news as things develop.

The new Flavors Me Website has been moved to here so please check it out:

Also, the latest book "Synthetic and Exotic Scales Jazz Improvisation Etudes for Treble Clef Instruments" has been out and so far the feedback has been positive. Our thanks for those who have picked it up and any feedback is welcome. Here is the description on Amazon.Com:

""A unique collection of etudes that demonstrate the use of melodic lines derived from synthetic and exotic scales over jazz standards type chord progressions. A variety of scales such as the Enigmatic, Phrygian#11, Hungarian Major, and Dorian b9 are illustrated as well as Altered Pentatonic and Multi-Octave scales. For the creative improviser and composer looking to expand his or her musical vocabulary. Not a theoretical treatise but a challenging practical text demonstrating lines developed from advanced scales and their use in relation to jazz harmonic progressions. Excellent for Guitarists, Pianists, Violinists, and Horn Players."

Best and more updates to come.


Friday, 23 August 2013

Hello Everyone,

I have a new book out titled "Twelve-Tone Octave Displacement Studies for The Guitar and All Treble Clef Instruments". The description on Amazon is as follows:

"A unique and challenging collection of octave displacement etudes based on the twelve-tone sets of composers such as Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Babbitt, Carter, Stockhausen, and others. Great for the development of virtuoso technique, aural skills, and the extension of compositional/improvisational vocabulary for Guitarists and other Treble Clef instrumentalists. There is also a short section on the octave displacement of more common scales such as Pentatonic, Whole-Tone, and Diminished Scales as well as a brief Double Stops section using twelve-tone sets. A practical text for advanced technical and aural skills development with twelve-tone material, not a theory or analysis treatise. A great addition to any Jazz, Classical, Fusion, or Progressive Rock Musician's practice regimen."

Please follow this link to purchase:

If you like the text please post a positive review on Amazon. I thank you in advance and please write if you have any questions.


Scott McGill

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello everyone,

Our new disc "Scott McGill Ritchie DeCarlo Dave Kloss" has just been released with special guest Michael Manring on one tune. The music and playing is state of the art and a must for those looking for something far beyond the usual fare in instrumental progressive fusion music.

This new release can be found on E-Bay, Amazon, and all reputable online sources for progressive and fusion music.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scott McGill

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce a New 2013 release coming in March/April!
It is a full length CD of All New material with Ritchie DeCarlo & Dave Kloss.
Michael Manring is a guest on 1 track playing fretless bass

Ritchie DeCarlo is also working on his 1st solo album.
He is raising funds for his release at

Anyone who pledges $20.00 or more will also get our CD delivered anywhere in the world for FREE!!!

THAT's 2 full albums for $20.00 with Delivery!!!!

Also BOTH Freak Zoid CDs are still available at

Best and thank you for your support,


Sunday, 27 January 2013

An interview I've done with Human Dynamics Master Peter Cook will be featured in his newest book "The Music Of Business"--an excellent book on business, creativity, music, and management. It will be out on the 31st of the month--stay tuned.

Scott McGill--New Flavors Me site coming soon!!

New Flavors Me site which links to all Scott McGill related material online is coming soon:

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